Wolves Den
By Silverless
  • Paranormal
  • curse
  • eerie
  • family
  • fantasy
  • fear
  • gore
  • horror
  • legend
  • noncliché
  • ominous
  • original
  • orphan
  • paranormal
  • siblings
  • supernatural
  • village
  • werewolf


"They get hungry at night." • • • Everyone in the village knows the legend of Bloodrest. From the youngest child to the oldest elder, they've all heard the story. They say there's a curse in that mountain, an impenetrable force surrounding it that's over centuries old. They say there's blood in the ground, flowing like veins through a body. It rests there. Waiting. Waiting on what, nobody knows. You get one chance to leave once the border is crossed. One free pass before the curse takes its hold. There's a saying the children are taught, a line ingrained in their memory from childhood. Only the ones still alive can recite it flawlessly. Tread Bloodrest once, all is well. Dare it twice, you're treading Hell. Fear is the foundation of the village, but the villagers have none. Their lives carry on just as any others, so long as they follow the golden rule: Stay off the mountain. Updates every Tuesday and Friday The standalone, mostly unrelated prequel to The Exiled Alpha Cover made by @Silverless


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Wolves Den
by Silverless