Fairies and Arrows
By Izra_Dragon
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"Its funny how time works. You don't really understand it 'til too much has passed." "You sound like an old man." I reply with a scoff. "Old or not, its true. I've spent so much time on this island that every day feels the same. Sure, it's fun at first, but then you learn things, and you realize that even though time slows here, it somehow keeps going." *** Arrow has lived in Neverland all of his life with his fellow lost boys. He has always followed the same three rules all the other boys follow. Rule #1- Always be loyal to Peter Pan Rule #2- Don't look into the Founding Rule #3- Under no circumstances, leave Neverland and grow up But when Arrow sees something he shouldn't have, he'll have to choose between loyalty to his fellow lost boys or to discover himself and his past.


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Fairies a...
by Izra_Dragon