Andalusias Promise...
By Billionairethoughts
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Maahfaarz royal family reigned over the land for many centuries until one day a peasant named Zaavr zari, member of the poor zari family thrown into the 114-chambers of the rotten souls for a debt they couldn't repay. King Ceenic dreamt of Zaafar killing him following his intuition by throwing him into the 114 chambers of the rotten souls. Only one survivor, the rotten souls are spirits controlled by the Maahfaar king, each chamber worse than the other. Zaavr saw the rotten souls punishing their own kind for breaking the law until killing them, Zaavr brought them together&escaped in addition to killing the Maahfar king in the last days of him being king. Marrying king Ceenics daughter Marithe by force to become Mahfaarz king. through marriage only or by the royal blood running through once Maahfaarz forever Maahfarz, breaking the oath of a Maahfarz leads to readily consequences. Zaavr is now the ruler of the world, he is powerful and has the most enhanced mind and is beyond anyone imagination. Zavr got married to Seline Yuul in secret the love of his life having a child together. Seline Yuul finds out Zaavr is a monster, Zaavr starts to acknowledge the oath of a Maahfarz killing his baby daughter for power. Seline Yuul resurrected Saire without knowing of a curse on her bloodline till she died from a deadly psychosis, Seline Yuul creates the book of Yuul and Elam with her last energy before her death passing on to Saire, to generation to generation until one is chosen to break the curse of their bloodline. Andalusia promises her mother the daughter of Seline Yuul that her bloodline will break the curse. FT JESSICA ALBA ANDALUSIAS PROMISEĀ© COPYRIGHTED FULLY OWNED BY MR A M HUSSEIN. THANKING THE MOST HIGH FOR OPENING THIS DOOR AND WATTPAD FOR BEING THE PLATFORM TO WRITE, BECAUSE I LOVE WRITING.

Chapter I

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by Billionairethoughts