The Mistress In Dis...
By harmoania
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Growing up with her non-biological parents, Amethyst Eirene Atkeinza is not your typical teenager. At the age of seventeen, she started working at a coffee shop near the apartment she's been staying in. Everything was perfectly fine not until an old man appears in the picture and said that her life was in danger. The Master of Darkness and Destruction keeps looking for her, for his Mistress. To live a normal life, Amethyst had to pretend as a weak and gawky student of Hentell International University, School of Wings. With not just her feelings playing as the antagonist, but also The God of Darkness and Destruction who will try to get rid of her, will The Mistress of Light And Creation able to succeed in maintaining her disguise? Started: March 16, 2019 Ended: January 5, 2020

The Mistress In Disguise

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The Mistr...
by harmoania