Robo: Interfector
By lionheart_writer
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One year after the world-altering events of The Spectacular Sick Shot, a new threat rises from the rubble. Bridger Vaughn Zaire had cut ties with his father and his sister years ago- he didn't approve of their lives as the supposed heroes Roboman and Scarlet Armor. He left the Vaughn Zaire Corporation, the world's leading robotics company, in favor of a position as Vice President of Kreeaytions. Victoria Vaughn Zaire had abandoned a life of comfort and safety in favor of a life as a hero, always hiding her identity, always watching her back. Kendra Kreeay began producing the K.K. Triphibians, robotic super soldiers that could be controlled from a safe location hundreds of miles away, after realizing all she had done her whole life was promote violence. Eric Vaughn Zaire had sacrificed many things in order to be the hero the world needed, amongst them his family's safety and a relationship with his son. When Luna Light finds a robotic specimen under the debris left by Venicov and his army, the extra-terrestrial robot is unleashed during Eric and Victoria's attempt to study it. They must come together to defend the world from its greatest threat yet, despite their differences. People are worth fighting for and some are worth dying for. When going up against the android of annihilation, they must give all they've got if humanity is to have any hope of survival. (Book #3 in the Lionheart Superverse) It is recommended that you read The Spectacular Sick Shot before Robo: Interfector, as the two stories are closely connected. However, it is possible to enjoy the story without having read TSSS. Robo: Interfector and The Legend of Mother Nature can be read at the same time or in any order. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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Robo: Int...
by lionheart_writer