His Only Hope || A...
By MayaDemonAngel
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*Updates every Friday!* The war is over. It left behind torn up families and scarred orphaned children. Severus Snape was on the brink of death when Dumbledore's fire Phoenix found him, grasping for life. He was sent to St. Mungo's to heal but nothing was enough to heal the scars done to his soul. After three months of intense therapy, he was sent back to live in his house but requested that no one knows he was still alive. The war took a toll on him, made him depressed, heart broken, torn and wished he was never rescued. Only one magical book will be his connection to the outside world. Will it be enough to get him back on his feet? Will he find his only hope for survival? Published on: 22 April 2019 Completed on: TBD


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His Only...
by MayaDemonAngel