Toxic Innocence
By crazypoodle
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His beauty was unjustifiable through words. The Intelligence pummeled the greatest of minds. Voice, deeper than the darkest Abyss of sea and emotions a stark absence in his existence. A young man, raised inside the four walls of laboratory. Experimented to rising perfection. A monotone life. A suffocation he never understood, regards to the way he was stripped off from feeling any of them. He doesn't plan the escape into a world he never saw. Has never seen. But it happens. When Althea Davies, a nineteen year old art student runs over a man in ill fitted security uniform. She wasn't prepared to shelter the aftermath of her recklessness, in her apartment. A man so odd, so beautiful. His vocabulary of different fashion and his eyes a screaming blank story. Under the same roof he gravely sat and analysed the kind humans interacted. He learned, he understood but never felt.His eyes saw her every day. The care she rendered on him, he began to look forward to it. Looking forward? He wasn't suppose to. Time lapses. Days pass by. It doesn't take her long to realize that the innocence she had named him with was infact a lethal misunderstanding the day she witnessed that blood was nothing but a stain in his hand for him. He was toxic. she realize's it when he begins to feel. But the problem is he only feels for her. Only. Her. And there was no stoping a man with embedded inhumanity from getting what he wants. •REVIEWS I have just binged read this whole friggin book. Can I say wow.Thank you for writing a book worth reading. -Paintedsilly CHARACTER IS FUCKING ADDICTING AND THE WHOLE ASS BOOK MAN I AM SHOOK!!! -Artsybear18 I never saw that coming. Biggest plot twist in the book. -Fanfictionlove098 • WINNER OF READERS CHOICE AWARDS 2020 TEAM PICK A/N: Not planned as a kpop fiction, but it does have its member for lead cast, Aspire to read this as a fanfiction? No restrictions, Neither from Kim Taehyung himself.


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Toxic Inn...
by crazypoodle