The unloved twin(A...
By Oncer121598
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Emmalie Aspen Cullen is the younger twin sister of Renesmee Carlie Cullen. None of them knew about her. They thought Bella was only pregnant with one baby, but she was pregnant with twins. Because she was born after Renesmee, everyone thinks she's the reason that Bella almost died. Her family hates her and blames her for Bella almost dying. They don't even care to protect her when the Volturi are after them. They blame her for that too and only care to protect the precious princess, Renesmee. The only people who actually care about her are Carlisle, Esme, and Seth, who imprinted on her. Carlisle and Esme are the ones raising her, so she thinks of them as her parents instead of Bella and Edward. Emmalie has the same special abilities that Renesmee has. But she has an extra ability that Renesmee doesn't have. Emmalie can turn invisible. Face claim: Ariana Greenblatt & Paris Berelc

Chapter 1

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The unlov...
by Oncer121598