The Last York Princ...
By echelon8394
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HISTORICALLY INACCURATE: Based on Philippa Gregory "The White Princess" timeline, but AU: What if Richard III had a son before he was killed in Bosworth? Young Richard Plantagenet was brought up in court at the behest of his mother, Elizabeth of York, who claimed him as a bastard in hopes that her son with the previous king would be safe, but people knew it was not. Richard Plantagenet would always be a threat to the Tudors, but Jasper Tudor felt it was not right to kill a child, not when he can shape the young man, who looked so much like his late father, into a Tudor loyalist. Elizabeth Woodville feared for her grandson. Thinking that they had poisoned his mind, she sought to get the boy away from the Tudors. Richard was so much like his father. He was loyal, just and people support him. Margaret Beaufort may cut off his father's affinity, isolating the boy, but that doesn't mean no one can get to him. By sparing him, Elizabeth of York agreed to marry Henry Tudor. At what cost? Not able to acknowledge her son, Richard in public. Jasper Tudor took the child in and educated him the same way he did to Henry. Margaret, however, disagreed and hoped the boy to just..., disappeared. As he grew older, Richard learned more and more about his father, but he knew better than to listen to the Tudor propagandas. He was smart and careful whenever he's in court. Being one of the York princes, Elizabeth of York wondered. Would her son will be able to marry and have a family? She knew Richard had been on his own and she prayed he would be married and happy. From birth until his last breath, Richard Plantagenet lived his life, fighting for freedom and the love he wanted, refused to be subjected under Tudor's boot. Will Richard serve Tudors in obedience? Or will Richard fight to earn his rightful place as king?

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The Last...
by echelon8394