Shadow's Edge (Shad...
By Linna1029
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In the world of magic there are only two options: learn control, or risk becoming the one thing everyone fears. On the anniversary of her parents' death Mara Collins must face more than her own grief; she must face a hidden world. When a series of accidents over the past eleven years leads to her discovery of witches and magic, Mara must make the decision to leave her life behind in order to hone her new abilities or stay and risk the chance that her powers could rage out of control. When people discover Mara is a descendant of one of the most powerful witches in history, they start to believe Mara will follow in her ancestor's footsteps. No pressure, right? Not everyone is excited to hear of Mara's potential power, and some even want to stop her. With a Fae for a roommate, a witch for a mentor, and a Werewolf Prince for a friend everything seems to be looking up. But when friends turn to enemies, who can Mara go to for help? who can she trust? Will she be able to control her powers before they turn her into the one thing everyone fears?


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by Linna1029