Can't Be Fixed (Ser...
By -RubyInku-
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Fandom: Bnha/Mha Rating: PG 13 (mild swearing, self harm) Genre: Action/Romance/Comedy/Angst Ship(s): SerIida (Sero x Iida), TodoDeku (Todoroki x Midoriya), BakuShima (Kirishima x Bakugo) cuz why not, other ships once I think of some WARNING: I'M AWFUL AT WRITING SO THE SUMMARY SUCKS --- Sero Hanta never had the happiest childhood, having lived in fear for most of it. After moving in with his aunt, Sero thought his life would be better. He couldn't have been more wrong. Not long after moving, he was diagnosed with many mental health issues. And once he came out of the closet, school went from scary to pure hell. So once he got to UA, he had little hope. So he prepared himself for everything he expected Leaving him completely unprepared for falling in love --- TRIGGER WARNING: - Swearing - Self-harm - Suicidal thoughts and/or actions - Mental Health Issues - Harassment - Bullying - Awful Jokes If you are upset by anything in this story, please tell me in the comments. Fun Fact: The cover's just a random photo of Sero I edited. Edit: THIS STORY HAS NO SMUT.


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Can't Be...
by -RubyInku-