The Squad
By faye_fashions
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Allison moved to New York City after calling off her third engagement. She hooked up with a random guy on her first night in New York. The fun life begins for her, as She rejects love and being committed to any man. Allison joins Demon girls (a cheerleading squad for New York Demons Basketball team). She meets Blake, the guy she hooked up with on her first night, he's a swingman for New York Demons. Unbothered about this, She sees it as nothing that will come in the way of her dreams. Allison faces a difficult life of love, sex, hate, friendship, trust, betrayal, competition, celebrity and identity crisis. Nevertheless, She made her way to the top. But what happens when She is caught up in the middle of a conspiracy in the New York Demons? Would there be a way out? Or would she go to jail? WARNING! DUE TO ADULT CONTENTS, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

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The Squad
by faye_fashions