Evil Intentions
By tamlaura1
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COVER MADE BY SummerLyin---------------Twenty-one-year-old Romero D'Angelo is the only son of Xiomara D'Angelo, Chicago's most feared Italian mafia boss. He would someday take over for his father. Romero was tall, dark hair and because of his good looks had the ladies swooning. One night he and his father were going to a party at Leonardo Conte, another mafia boss from New York who was wanting to merge their family together. It was at that party where he wandered off, ending up in the kitchen where he came across a young girl. She was wearing jeans and a short top which was revealing her flat stomach, she was drinking a beer right out of the bottle. One look at her and he knew he wanted her for his wife. But there was a problem, she was only sixteen so he would have to wait until she turned twenty. He walked up to her, taking the bottle from her hand he tipped the bottle up to his mouth and finished it in one long gulp. Placing it down he stared into her big brown eyes, using his thumb he ran it over her bottom lip. He turned to walk away, but not before he said something that had her shocked to the very core. (Save your virginity for me on our wedding night.) Serena Conte was in the kitchen, no one was around so she snuck a beer and was drinking it when a tall, dark and handsome stranger walked in, taking the bottle and finishing it off. At first, he didn't say anything, just touched her lip and smiled. She was mesmerized by his blue eyes that were sparkling, his light touch sent a searing heat down to the depth of her very core. She was unaware that this was the man she would be made to marry when she reached twenty. A deal is struck between the two families, Serena being the bargaining chip. Romero only wanted a wife to please his father, not for love but he soon finds himself deeply in love. She on the other hand repeatedly tells him she does not nor will she ever love him.

Chapter 1

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Evil Inte...
by tamlaura1