Meeting Prime Minis...
By flowersherbet
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Traveling into an unfinished book "The Last Winter Flower of Nian City", Chu Feng is forced to become the 'mad' first concubine of the Prime Minister Zhou, Han Qin Xi. The fate of her character is to be neglected, beaten and have her body burned alive for trying to get the prime minister's attention as she is only a mob character in the story. Chu Feng lives her life finding ways to escape her death. She tries to avoid all main characters: male lead, female lead, second male lead, third male lead, etc. Anyone who was involved with the main leads, she will avoid at all cost to protect her life. ~The story is set in a mixed society (Both Eastern and Western styles may be used in the story) ~Original Story (There will be a lot of refixing and mistakes) ~Slow Romance ~Things won't make sense right away (Story Plot) ~Pictures used will be from google (not mine) ~Word count: approximately 300 and up


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Meeting P...
by flowersherbet