True Love [BxB] (U...
By Yeon-Jae
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Jeon Jungkook , the only heir to The Heartless Dragon mafia is exactly what you would expect from a future mafia leader. He's ruthless, vindictive, heartless and cruel. He derives pleasure from hurting others and cares for nothing and no one but power. He has not a single thread of humanity in him, and after recently being betrayed by his right hand man and having to personally execute the man he came to love, the last bit of what could be called as humanity left within Jungkook , has been sniffed out. He closes himself off with the belief that no one can truly love him as he recalls the last words of his love.. "You're unlovable" Kim Taehyung, a poor college student struggling to make ends meet along with working three jobs to pay for his sick mother's hospital bills and medication after his good for nothing father walked out on them finds himself with an opportunity of a lifetime when the head of one of the most dangerous mafia gangs in the whole of South Korea, knocks at his door with the proposal of becoming a right hand man to his son, the heir. The job would pay for college as well his mother's expenses, but that would mean losing himself in the process.. Can he truly be what the young and ruthless heir needs? Can he sacrifice what he believes in to survive in the mafia world or will it eventually all suffocate him? NOTE: THIS BOOK IS TITLED "BXB" MEANING THERE IS DEFINITELY GOING TO BE SEXUAL INTERACTION BETWEEN MALES.

Chapter 1

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True Love...
by Yeon-Jae