Vanilla Spice, 2 su...
By OO7ismyname
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When Brooke Taylor is forced to leave London and move to California, she has a plan. She's sick of being popular, she's sick of fake friends, and she's sick of players; so decides to become a nerd. At first her plans seems to be working, however, Brooke's witty personality, good looks and individuality soon get her noticed and she soon finds that people in California are different to those at home. Before she realizes, she's become friends with the most popular people in town and starts to build a life in California. When she meets Blake Williams, the town's hottest and most notorious player, she does her best to ignore the attraction she can't help but feel, but her new found friends develop a plan that involves Brooke dating Blake, and she can't help but feel she's completely out of her depth. Can Brooke ignore the attraction that seems to be growing between her and Blake? Or will she fall for him and betray her best friends?

Vanilla Spice, 2 sugars

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Vanilla S...
by OO7ismyname