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Harry Styles became the fastest selling record artist with sold-out concerts and an award winning actor. He proved to everyone that he could make it to the top without his bandmates. He was happy. Was he? Louis Tomlinson had not been seen and visible in the limelight. No paparazzi, no cameras, no pressure. He lived a simple and life with his son, Freddie. He was happy. Was he? Both of their wishes came true. Both live in different world. But what happens when blue meets green, green meets blue? After 10 long years. Best Status of the Story (so far...) #1 Larry #1 Stylinson #1 OneDirection #1 manxman #3 HarryStyles #5 LouisTomlinson #14 LarryStylinson

Chapter 1 - We had some good times, didn't we?

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