Captured, Alien Con...
By fishy__1
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Human Scientist X Alien MATURE👽 ➖The second book to Anatomy but can stand alone (maybe be sorta confusing), (this book also takes place a little after anatomy started)➖ Alifa is a genderless alien sent to earth to figure out human behavioral patterns, personality, and eating habits. but he makes a grave mistake and gets captured on one of these missions. now resides in area 51 where consent experiment happen and to much pain to bear, what happens when the lead scientist is to earn his trust and mate him? and he willingly lets sexual interaction happen. (also I know I said genderless but to make writing easier ill refer to him as he/him pronouns) (Bad at descriptions) All editing will happen after the book is completed. WARNING: this story contains experimentation on humans and other species, it has mature themes including profanity, sexual interactions, violence and gore (not much tho) and forced pregnancy. If you're not comfortable please don't read.


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by fishy__1