The Sovereign
By I-Am-Ariiiii
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Alyra Kassia Ambrose's life has taken a drastic turn after she's bitten by a lycan on her backyard. Upon inheriting its genes, surviving the change, and finding her parents ripped to shreds. Alyra must find a way to care for her little sister and live with the beast inside of her. Raised as a human, by humans, Alyra doesn't know what to do. At the brink of eighteen and forced to live with an aunt she never knew. Moving into town in the middle of nowhere seemed like the best thing to do. All she wants is to lay low, settle down, and hope that no one ever finds out. What she didn't expect to find are fangs, claws, and deadly curses in the town of Darthill Creak. Living with a secret that put a target on her back. She must learn to navigate this new world and somehow tame the beast that threatens to come out, but first- Alyra must learn to survive Darthill Creak and all that goes bump in the night. With a certain family that just won't leave her alone and a mysterious bad boy that seems to follow her every move. Add a mate, a curse, a secret, and a certain lycan on the hunt. Alyra has enough on her plate and it turns out, being a lycan was the least of her problems.


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The Sover...
by I-Am-Ariiiii