Chip On Your Should...
By Glass_Eyes
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This is a world of super powers. Almost everybody had a power or even just a mutation. With the sudden appearance of these abilities a new profession formed. Welcome to what comic books are made of. Welcome to the world of My Hero Academia. * * * Rene Reyes was raised by two villains up until his arrest. Xavier Boden was an upper class child of two famous pro-heroes. In a world of people using their powers(quirks) for either good or evil, they started from complete opposite sides of the spectrum. Yet they just keep meeting up in life, all of this cultivating when they both are accepted into U.A High. They weren't born in this country, but they were still drawn to it. Aspiring heroes don't all come from the same place, they also all rarely act the same. They have had lives that intersected with each other, they even would go as call each other family. With all these different elements coming together in their lives, there's a strong fire in their souls. As their stories go on, so will they grow and turn into the heroes they want to be. Not what the society and culture they reject wants them to be, but what they consider true heroes. But maybe they're ideas of that will change too. * * * This story follows multiple self-inserted characters, but will try not to just copy the show or manga's scenes exactly. These are new elements working together in this world, a new story to be spawned off of it. All rights go to Hirikoshi, the Creator of My Hero Academia * * *

Chapter 1

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Chip On Y...
by Glass_Eyes