Stockholm Syndrome...
By British-1D-Irish
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Harry Styles is the son of two billionaires from London. He is also the heir to the Styles Company. One night, Harry is taken from his home by a group of criminals. He is wary of their actions and plots a way to try and escape while using their trust and vulnerability to break down their walls. Will he escape or are there other plans written in the cards for the young heir? ************************************** "This is nothing personal," He said. "What--" I breathed, trying to speak as my world was slowly fading in and out. "What did you do to me?" "Don't fight it. Just sleep." His voice seemed so far away as my eye lids grew heavy and began to droop. I heard the sirens ringing out. I felt numb all over as my eyes closed shut and that was all I felt before I was knocked out into a deep sleep-- one where I was back at home, lying in my bed and trying hard to go to sleep, but no matter what I couldn't close my eyes because it felt like something, or someone, was watching me.


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by British-1D-Irish