Now That We're Grow...
By DuaneSimolke
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Gavin Hernandez and Peter Montoya meet before high school. Gavin admires how Peter never complains about being gay or using a wheelchair. During their senior year, Gavin takes profile pictures of Peter in that chair, but the gesture of good will leads to online bullying and a painful final stretch of school. Best friends slowly drift apart. After college, they reunite in Dallas as more than friends. Gavin now designs facilities for people with physical challenges. Peter looks for a job to match his business administration degree. The past might destroy their relationship, or their love might change their lives. Revised from earlier versions. This story contains bullying, threats, mild violence, and sexual references. Author Notes: I tried to make the two main characters flawed in some ways, and make some of the less likeable characters sympathetic in some ways. Do you care about the story and the characters? Do the details of Gavin's disability (and his attitudes toward it) seem real? Does the romantic relationship seem real? Is there chemistry between them? Can you picture the settings? Does anything about this story relate to your life? How do you identify with these characters and their experiences? Did you find any parts funny or romantic?

Part 1 of a Multi-Part Story

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Now That...
by DuaneSimolke