The Other Potter
By Greenery_93
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Lily Rhaine Potter, a beautiful, Smart, Sweet, loud, and of course, adventurous, is Harry Potter's younger sister. On the age of 10, she learns that her older brother is supposed to go to Hogwarts. A year later, she was also there, invited to Hogwarts. As she goes there, she finds out about the secrets of the school and not only that, she also goes into seven years of adventure... But what happens when her brother's enemy has fallen for her? Will they forget their feelings or will her brother accept them? With memes and fun facts! 06/06/20 Mon. #1 on Puberty 04/20/20 Mon. #10 on Crushes Book 1 of the "Fanfiction Series"πŸ”›going 1st Year: βœ” 2nd Year: βœ” 3rd Year: βœ” 4th Year: πŸ”› going 5th Year: πŸ”œ 6th Year: πŸ”œ 7th Year: πŸ”œ Started: April 2019 Rated G/7+

Chapter 1: Dobby and The Burrow

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The Other...
by Greenery_93