Our Celestial Weddi...
By arummees
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Wedding: A marriage ceremony, especially considered as including the associated celebrations. Celestial: Belonging or relating to heaven. Ex: A former husband, wife or other partner in a relationship. Nafisa and Hashim are finally married after 7years of dating. Marriage was everything they imagined and more. They couldn't have lived happier lives. Everything was going smoothly. But the moment Hashim meets his ex everything changes. The first love of his life who coincidentally wants him back, he Let's her back into his life and that was the moment everything crumbles, their marriage is in shambles. He still loves his wife but his past feelings are clouding his judgment and are ruining his marriage. Are they going to sit back and let a stranger ruin their family?

Life With The Ex: About Book.

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Our Celes...
by arummees