Splatoon2 : Human T...
By tynadoblueyt
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In 10 thousand years in the future, due to rising water levels, sea creatures mainly cephalopods have evolved rapidly into Humanoid versions of themselves known as 'Inklings' and 'Octolings'. with the human species being erased to extinction due to rising water levels, these became the dominant creatures to live on the earth. Both these species and other sea life live in peace in a place known to its inhabitants as INKOPOLIS. powered by a legendary entity known as the Zapfish. But as time's gone on, this valuable creature and it's resources were stolen twice by an alliance of Octolings who've wanted revenge for being banished under ground after the wars long ago. Where water levels changed the two cephalopod species from friends to foes. However after the second attempt was foiled. some Octolings came to the surface and were greatly accepted by squiddy society. Inkopolis was at peace once more. The story takes place in Inkopolis which is packed mysteriously with human culture, language and personalities and Every month there is a celebration known as the 'Splat-tournament' where Inklings compete and battle against each other in a game of 'Turf wars' (inspired by war itself) to win the trophy. However all of that changes when a weird human like creature washes up on the shores of Inkopolis, making the Inklings question if humans were still dead long ago. This is a Re-freshed version (heh heh) of the original version of the fanfic. If you are already reading that one then it is recommended that you finish that one first. There will be major changes to plot points and extra content etc. So this may become a different story entirely. - This is a fan made story of Splatoon 2 and takes place after the Octo Expansion. All assets from the Splatoon games + DLC are owned by Nintendo -

Part 1 : Inkopolis

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by tynadoblueyt