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There are three kinds of second genders(as i call them) firstly: Alphas: They are overprotective of their mates and get into ruts which cause them to be more protective and touchy of their mates, they also sense who their mate is by eye contact and can release scents to calm down their mates. Betas: They are very friendly and they are the most like humans but they are also overprotective of their mates especially omegas they can tell who their mate is by touching them can also release scents for their mates. Omegas: They are normally very weak and relay on their mates to save them also they go into heat which cause them to need sexual contact with their mates or they can take suppressants, they tell who their mate is by a kiss and can't control their scents. You can't find your mate until your sixteen so in this story I'm making everyone either sixteen or older.

Finding out?

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by LordExplosionBoi