Disco Werewolf
By BookshelfBattle
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By day, he's Mitch Lumpkiss, the scrawniest dweeb in the 1979 senior class of Seacaucus High School. As the preferred target for class bully, Derrick, the kid can't get a date to save his life. By night, he's Disco Werewolf, admired by men who want to be him and adored by women who want to be with him. Set in a world where supernatural beings ranging from werewolves and vampires, to trolls, ogres, goblins and more, are required by an ancient treaty to either hide from or blend into the human world, Mitch is taking a big risk by wolfing out in public, but he's a man with a plan. He hopes to collect enough dough from the owner of Sweet Johnny Sugarshine's Electrostatic Groove Lounge to move to California where he'll use his werewolf powers to benefit the world. Will Disco Werewolf prevail or will Baal, a centuries old demon use the dog's freaky feet to his own twisted ends? Will a sexy siren with the power to bend men to her will with the sound of her voice corrupt Mitch forever? Will Mitch's boring, law abiding, middle class werewolf parents ever forgive him when they find out their son is breaking supernatural law? Will Mitch's werewolf twin sister, a wannabe punk rock singer, sell him out? Will Mitch's longtime love interest and next door neighbor, Claudette, an aspiring journalist with a secret of her own, discover the true identity of Disco Werewolf? Will her estranged father, Remington Sledge, the last of an order of supernatural chasing knights, get his dog? Will the Lumpkiss' next-door neighbor, the Dreaded Vampire Phil Fitzpatrick, ever find a job more suited to his 3,000 years of experience than his current gig as an insurance claims adjuster? Most importantly, will the wily Chupacabra Pimp keep finding a way to exploit the chaos for his own financial benefit? The answers to all these questions and more await you in the pages of this funky horror comedy, noble reader. All hell is about to break loose, and that's just the way Baal wants it.

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Disco Wer...
by BookshelfBattle