Game of Mass Destru...
By chloboshoka
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Sia Bucks hosts the Government-funded reality TV show, Game of Mass Destruction. The 30th season is about to start, and the chosen twenty are bestowed the task to destroy a thousand flesh-eating robots for a chance to win two billion dollars. Acts of sex and murder are rewarded generously. Her show angers ex-husband, Professor Takeshi Denki. As a leading advocate for robotic welfare, he and his family vow to bring Sia's show to screeching halt. Their morals are shaken when their granddaughter, Yuzuko has been selected as a contestant. Unaware of her relation to Sia, Yuzuko and her girlfriend, Sakura are forced to play her game on her mother's orders. Taking away from the utopia she called home, Yuzuko and Sakura's relationship is put through ultimate trials and tribulations. "Hunger Games on steroids!" - thoughtfulsushi "Battle Royale meets Hunger Games with gallows humor, flesh-eating robots, and deep quotes in the "Game of Mass Destruction". If you like dystopian Sci-Fi, take a look at this book" - dawnashes.


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Game of M...
by chloboshoka