High Expectations...
By kaleyhemmings
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Blaire Conrad ♕ That's who this story starts with. You could call her the Queen Bee of Beacon Hills High School. Well, of course after her best friend, Lydia Martin. She has the perfect life. Being close as close can be with the captain of the lacrosse team, Jackson Whittemore, and his infamous girlfriend, Lydia, definitely has it's perks. It's only expected of her to communicate with the ones almost equivalent to her popularity. But one day she runs into a boy (literally) that she's known since kindergarten. He's on the lacrosse team, but so bottom of the food chain. He's keeping a secret, which for her is extremely intriguing. With everyone having high expectations for her, it's only right that she doesn't associate with him. But something about him can't steer her away. From there, her whole life will turn upside down. - || I do not own Teen Wolf. I'm only the creator of the plot and Blaire. All credit to Jeff Davis || seasons one & two


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High Expe...
by kaleyhemmings