My Life as the Fath...
By BarelyTeller
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Who we're gonna be. That's the question we all spend our lives trying to answer. Attempting to make sense of a big crazy world and find our place in it. It's a hard enough thing to do, but even harder when fate says you're child is destined to be the Antichrist. It really be like that, sometimes. Join Deagan Ryan as he does his best to be a good father while fighting demons, running a mediocre coffee shop, and dealing with the fact that his closest 'friend' is a talking dog who degrades him at every turn. Luckily Deagan is not alone in his fight to protect his daughter from those who would claim her in the name of heaven or hell. His world is full of memorable and annoying characters. From Pokemon Go playing norse gods, to a bad ass witch assassin with an obsession for memes. Not to mention a host of demons that either tolerate him or want to kill him, but definitely all wouldn't mind punching him in the face. Along the way might even run into the occasional werewolf gangster or a vampire who refuses to die until he becomes the greatest guitarist of all time! Or at least completes Kingdom Hearts 3... Welcome to the life of the Ryan family.

Chapter 1: Who You're Gonna Be

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My Life a...
by BarelyTeller