101 Writing Tips fr...
By ray_of_sunshine9
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I've been reviewing stories on Wattpad for a while now and, boy, has that been a journey. Your stories have made me gasp and squeal. Your stories have made me laugh and cry. But, from time to time, your stories have made me cringe. In commemoration of my review store hitting 100 reviews, I thought it was about time to break down my reviewing journey, with the help of a fellow reviewer, @awesomeSTG. This book will contain chapters regarding the common errors I see in stories, it will offer tips on how to make your story professional, and there will also be some sneaky rants about what people expect from a reviewer. Welcome to 101 Writing Tips from an Exhausted Reviewer, featuring two very exhausted reviewers: @ray_of_sunshine9 and @awesomeSTG. Or, as perfectly said by @awesomeSTG: Ladies and gentlemen, folks far and wide! Sharpen your quills, prepare your scrolls, and polish your fire-resistant armours, for we shall finally cool off your burning queries - or scorch you even more - with our word of wisdom (namely rants) and advice! Hear ye, hear ye! And the incredible cover is done by the very talented @g_beckford - thank you so much!


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101 Writi...
by ray_of_sunshine9