Of Sentinels And Se...
By Fennagin
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»» This is a work in progress/first draft. Its messy. But enjoy it anyways. «« »» Currently in editing «« Book One in the Of Sentinels And Seers Trilogy! "Who are you loyal to?" "No one." Kinnon Black is a bounty hunter who keeps to himself, and simply lives to do his job. Aiyana Rhosyn is a princess on her way to Falenor to take the throne and become queen after her aunt dies. Neither should ever cross paths, but fate says otherwise. Together they find themselves on what they believe to be a journey to Falenor, but soon turns out to be a fateful journey to the beginning of a plan for each of their lives that was set in stone long before they were born. Their path to Falenor is interrupted by many things, and tensions rise between the two of them, and imminent danger becomes an unfortunate reality. But nothing interrupts them as much as when one of the Sintinels awoke... Together, Kinnon and Aiya find themselves in the middle of a battle between reality and myth when things that should not be begin showing themselves, and when things that should be true prove to be false; but what changes them most of all is when they find out that one of them is not completely human... ------ Recent reviews from readers: "...I AM SCREAMING AND AT THE EDGE OF MY SEAT!..." -@Abbinigail "Oof. This is nuts. I love it so much." -@-korious "Love it!!!" -@Through_the_River

»» author's note & map ««

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Of Sentin...
by Fennagin