The one we loved
By insideispretty
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Victoria cater has a bubbly, talkative, loud and always blunt personality. She the life of the party, she has a lot of friends but she only needs her 3 main girls, she has 4 older siblings but 3 of them are boys and she got that one person who annoys the living shit out of here well that's Ashton. Victoria just want to spend the last year party, studying, having flings and some love here and there. Ashton Blake is the bad boy, he's rich and sleeps with girls then throws them away. He never listens to the teacher, smoke, party, drugs and girls that pretty much what he's life is, ohh and don't forget he like to annoy Victoria. He plays football, he wants to become a a famous football player and he very smart. This year he want to sleep with girls, party, spend time with his friends and trying his hardest to get a scholarship. But somewhere in there Victoria and Ashton start to feel something is it love or lust? What will happen? How will they end up? Is it love? Is it lust?


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The one w...
by insideispretty