Monster In Me: The...
By anonymousbtchh
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The story is basically inspired by Little Mix's song, Monster in Me. Wherein, a person loves someone in particular and embraces her absolute desires, even if it reveals the monster in that person. A transferee, blue eyes, a beautiful body that everyone is longing for, and an incredible sense of sensibility that everyone wants to feel. Actually, Maira doesn't believe on that thing. You know, that thing that gives you benefits of it. But not until she laid eyes on a certain blue eyed girl that let's say, got her to the point that she doesn't want to be alive. Janina Marie Wilson is just a simple girl. Actually from London to New York. She needs to transfer because she is now the new assigned CEO of Wilson Oil Enterprises. Well, the daughter of the owner of the company. And is assigned to rule and run the business in New York. Transferring to a new school wasn't really getting her butterflies in her stomach until she got to see what a certain green eyed beauty can do to her. She doesn't expect it to happen but sure, she can rule it. "There's fire everywhere. Yes, the love and desire we feel for each other." - Janina Marie Wilson "The heat, it burns but what I feel for you is more than that." - Maira Zoe Martinez Warning: Mature Content ahead. Read at your own risk. Cover by: aishertz_


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Monster I...
by anonymousbtchh