First Love (A Min Y...
By MirandaLimbDoran
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BTSxReader *** Excerpt: The drive doesn't take long and my heart skips a beat once we finally pull up to my new home for the next four years. I quickly pay my cab fee and grab my bags out of the trunk before turning and walking up the steps of the apartment building. I live in 3B and I mentally curse at the lack of an elevator. Take the steps up to the third floor with two heavy bags was a feat, but all of that is forgotten as I'm opening the door to my very own apartment. My excitement is short-lived though when I see a person already sprawled out on the living room couch, his head against the armrest with one arm dangling off the side and his other on his chest. He barely blinks an eye at me as I stare at him, his face never leaving whatever TV program he is watching. "You must be Y/N," he says lazily, his voice much deeper than I had been expecting. "I'm Min Yoongi. Your room is the empty one in the back."

Chapter 1

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First Lov...
by MirandaLimbDoran