Alpha Coner [Alpha...
By Mutyang_Manunulat
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  • werewolf


🎉•ORIGINALLY 6.4K READS AND 800 VOTES•🎉 💣FOR THE OLD READERS OF THIS BOOK EVERYTHING CHANGED INCLUDING THE CHARACTERS AND PLOT💣 "I Alpha Coner Damien Mc'Hunters reject you Adrenee Xanders as my mate, my luna, and my beloved, our bond shall be broken, feelings shall disappear, Sparks shall be gone forever, and I will never take it back--- Ti'll death do us apart" She was Cursed --- He is a Gift She was Mistreated--- He is glorified She was rejected--- He is accepted She was a Mistake--- He is a Blessing She was nothing--- He is Everything Alpha Coner Damien Mc'Hunters is the Alpha of Knights Pack from the West and the Strongest Alpha in the whole Asia, He rules everything, He is perfect and he is the Masterpiece of the moon Goddess. Despite his handsome face no one dared to come near him for he is more than Dangerous. Every single useless Werewolf bow down to him. He was more than a King, More than the Emperor. He has everything except one thing every wolf have-- The love of a Mate. Omega Adrenee Jexia Xanders is far from perfect, She's the usuless Omega of Warriors Pack from the east. She was merely nothing but a servant of the Gods. She lived in a barn with the pigs, she eat their food and was treated lower than the animals that sorrounds her. But she always smiles despite of everything because there is always Hope and the hope is--- Her mate. When the paths of the North and the East collides, will there be love, peace, proseperity, roses, cupcakes, rainbows and unicorns--- Who are we kidding? Two paths that Collides with each other is like two rocks colliding with each other, It's terrible, dangerous and it will break you. And when their paths collide the exact thing happened, But when Ms.Omega started to get tired of pursuing and loving Mr.Alpha will he regret everything then they would have happy ending? But remember a story consists of four consecutive parts, The beggining, The middle, The end And The Twist.


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Alpha Con...
by Mutyang_Manunulat