Imperia King
By piker100
  • Action
  • abduction
  • badboy
  • bully
  • guns
  • gunshots
  • gắng
  • love
  • romance
  • thrilling
  • winiawards


What would it feel to Imperia when she finds out that she is abducted? What circumstances will force her to be baiting for some other rival gang? Why would she do this? Would she handle the pressure or snap before soon? This is a book based on a midnight epiphany that struck the chords in my mind at the right place. Imperia worked for other gang before and now she is forced to join some other gang. She is strong and the most feared. She has the capacity to kill from miles just by blinking her eyes [just kidding. She needs a gun of course] The gang leader is shrewd and hard hearted. He is always bickering and threatening others. Ansel can be called a damsel in distress. He can be calm yet frustrated. Handsome yet cold-blooded. Cold yet surprisingly warm. Will he help Imperia? Another gang joins in to change Imperia forever. Are they companions or rivals? Not all Wounds are visible and not all guns are visible. A few of them may run bullets out to your heart. Mysteries snap up before than a coffee does and Imperia must choose wisely, would she help a gang betray her own blood? She would but the circumstances given are in the favour. She agrees to help take down the throne. Nobody can't be selfless? Can they? This is my 4th book. I have planned to make this one really small. Check out my profile for more. Thanks! Wishing you a great day!

1. The Abduction

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Imperia K...
by piker100