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Heyza Lein Monteflor is dangerous, she was so eager to find the solution to be kind again but she couldn't. Matagal na siyang wala, yung taong minahal niya ng sobra ay iniwan siya. Calvin, the step brother of Heyza, the brother she never have kasi konting panahon lang ay iniwan rin siya nito. Calvin isn't just a step brother but a lover at the same time. She fell for him, and Calvin fell for her, nahulog sila sa isa't isa then an accident decided to seperate them unexpectedly. She became wild, she always mad from everything! There's so many boys tried to tame her pero pinaglaruan niya lang ito. Her wiseful mind, her beauty and her talents to pretend is her weapon. Until one day, she find a man, Enzo Del Cuevas, came from the family full of eagerness from price! Yung tipong trying hard, kapag gusto kailangang makuha. Yung lalaking sinubukan ang isang mapaglarong si Heyza. Pero hanggang kailan niya kayang paglaruan ang lalaking iyon kung isang araw ay unti unti narin siyang nahuhulog, unti unti na siyang napapaamo? Paano kapag kailangan niya ulit bumalik sa nakaraan? Paano kung may mga taong magpapalito sa katalinuhan ni Heyza? Paano kung ang isa sa kanila ang inosente ng demonyo. Heyza is a demon and she needs innocents to tame her, para ibalik siya sa dati. Paano kung andyan na ang lalaking 'yon. Will the innocent can tame the demon? Who will be the "Innocents Demon"


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by DeiZach