Long forgotten sist...
By frog_hugger
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Merida was thinking of her old friend hiccup and when she asked her dad what happened to him, they get back in touch and send a letter to have hiccup and Stoick come to DunBroch. (Btw I'm going to have Stoick be alive) Valka has been presumed dead for years but since the events to httyd 2 shes now in hiccups life. The DunBroch family don't know Valka since when they knew Stoick they just knew he was a single father. But when Valka hears Elinor's name and that she is Norwegian it reminds her to much of her younger sister who she hasn't seen since she was 14. When they all meet up Valka realizes Elinor is her younger sister. Know how will they react after not seeing each other in years and Elinor thinking her sister was dead all these years and not knowing where she was.

Part 1 old friends

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Long forg...
by frog_hugger