Renovating the Hear...
By Mrs_Strife
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The dawn of the Darkness raked chaos across Eos, leveling the land for all peoples, nations, and kingdoms. Two years after the light returned, Insomnia was slowly crawling back to its feet, allowing its citizens a chance to start over. Rue Corden was one of the few who emerged from the scourge with a new life breathing in her lungs- a new life fueled by the promise of revenge. A social klutz with self-isolating tendencies, Rue struggles to find the means to her end as she fails one job after another, only to be gifted another chance by Prompto when he convinces Ignis that he needs a personal assistant to help him juggle his daily responsibilities. Determined now more than ever to keep her position within the Citadel, she fights for change as her criminal past, faltering mental health, and Rayne Callen strive to take her down, and Ignis finds himself battling an internal conflict that only he can solve. IGNISXOC REFERS A ITTY BITTY BIT TO MY XV STORY RAYNE DROPS, BUT NOT ENOUGH FOR CONFUSION full creds to original artist's art as cover; edited by yours truly

I) Pull It Together

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by Mrs_Strife