Finding Love
By Slytherin_Queen4
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Milan, Maleficent's older daughter. Since she was born she was raised in a world of evil and that was the only thing she knew. When the chance to have a better life for her and her sister she takes it without a second thought, but during the way she found something, a strong emotion that made her realize the many things she took for granted. Olliver, the beast and Bella's son. He would be crowned king in a few months and has everything he wishes for, a beautiful girlfriend a caring and loving family and everyone at the kingdom of Auradon ready to complete every thing he asks them to, but still feels empty inside, like something is missing. After a conversation with his brother he might realize some of the things his father did wrong and try to fix them. While doing it he is going to find the part of him that he thought was missing. Follow Milan and Olliver's trip to finding love, but be careful to strap yourselfes in your seats because this is going to be one hell of a ride. {I don't own any of the descendant characters except Milan, Olliver, the other extras and their storyline. }

ΒΆ Author's Note

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Finding L...
by Slytherin_Queen4