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MORTALA [adj.] unrelenting and deadly; involving loss of divine grace or spiritual death. stiles was tired of the pack running behind his back. they had been shutting him out, avoiding him at school, not texting him about meetings, ignoring him all together. then one night, he gets a text. there was a pack meeting and he was invited. they kicked him out. broke the bonds. they didn't want a weak human in their pack. so stiles leaves beacon hills and his past. he goes to new york, reuniting with his uncle, phil coulson. stiles changed; he made some new friends, met coworkers, and proved himself worthy. what happens when his job takes him back to california, back to beacon hills, back home. with ex packs, battles, interesting lovers, and superhero's, what will happen? ---- ^^thezqueen^^ [stiles x the avengers] *slash!! stiles is with a male!!! leave homophobia at the door please*

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mortala |...
by thezqueen