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"You need to stay away from me to stay alive. Am I clear, Miss Bell?" He glowered at me and pulled the water gun from my hands. Well, what wrong did I do? I am just giving presentation with few realistic examples. One second... why are you spared of him, Rainbow! He is just a mere CEO and you are a ten letter long chairwoman. "Ahem... And you should stay in you limits to stay in the pompany at all." I finally pompleted the statement with ponfident stance but God bless me, I am so spared of this man from inside. Oh Lord, why did you throw me here? *** Keenan Coopers, who lived a life of royalty, born with a silver spoon and got everything he wanted. What will happen when nobody-like Rainbow comes into his life and turns it upside down? Rainbow Bell, a nurse by profession, is a kind and meekly spicy girl who aspires to become a doctor. What will happen when she unexpectedly gets under Keenan's skin, not to mention the way she addresses him. The mistakes in the above paragraphs are not really mistakes, it is how Rainbow speaks. To know more, follow the journey of the opposite poles.

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