Lost Baby Boy // M...
By SubbyNamandHobi
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Hoseok walks through the streets alone with a small backpack. It has a phone, charger, crayons, coloring books, his favorite pacifier, and his favorite horse plushie. He sniffles as he walks, crying softly. He's just turned 18 and told his parents about himself and how his mental age sometimes regresses. They didn't mind that nor did they mind that he had hid it from them. What they did mind was something else he couldn't control. He was gay. It was something they couldn't accept so they kicked him out. He whimpers and turns a corner only to be attacked by a man that rips his clothes and forces his legs open. Luckily, Yoongi happened to pass by and saved the younger one from a catastrophe but now what?

"I l-like boys"

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Lost Baby...
by SubbyNamandHobi