I'm In Love With My...
By _TheBibliophile
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From strangers to best friends to lovers to best friends to strangers. A punitive realism that’s etched both in our cores and minds. It is the forbidding cycle of life. The world is round and everything goes back the way it was in the beginning. History repeats itself, as what they say. Most people would say you’ll end up wasting your time, ruining your relationship, and breaking each other’s hearts. But, what if life gives you a second chance to chase what you’ve been longing for? Will you take bold risks and chase the prevalent desires of your heart? Or will you rather stay in the shadows-- wallowed in disillusionment, despair, and regrets? ------------- AUTHOR’S NOTE (BEFORE YOU START READING THE STORY): This is a work of a thirteen year old Claire. KINDLY APPROACH WITH CAUTION! THIS STORY IS UNDER MAJOR CONSTRUCTION. ((I am taking down the chapters. I know, I know. I will try to update it as often as possible)). To those who managed to read the story till the end, thank you so much (for understanding). (:


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I'm In Lo...
by _TheBibliophile