The Soul Mate-Andy...
By staypxnk
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*Andy Biersack Fanfiction* We are born knowing that we have no real say in our destiny. No matter what we do, no matter what path we are on, our fate is decided on our twenty first birthday. We go to sleep, we wake up, we have a tattoo. A tattoo with no pain? Awesome, right? The only thing missing is, well, the rest of the tattoo. It could be a meaningful tattoo, such as 'We all...' and the match could be '...fall down' Or it could simply be a rat's ass. Or it could be a tattoo with no words, such as a daisy with half it's petals missing. Wordless tattoos are the rarest. Melody Rae's future is yet to be discovered, and she is anxious about what her future will become. Perhaps she will be destined to be alone. Forever.

The Soul Mate-Andy Biersack

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The Soul...
by staypxnk