Malediction of the...
By ljkastermans
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[ COMING SOON ] In the darkness before time, before the sun rose over the hills and the moon lit the night sky. Before the stars had names, and wars ravaged the landscape. In the void beyond time, the old-gods sat, watched, and grew tired in their endless existence. Man, in their infinitesimal existence were bound by their fatal flaws. Succumbing to gluttony, pride and many such faults their revolted. They stole their essence, wrapping it with their violence as it was consumed. Imbued with a blessing, at the mercy of weakness, they created a being beyond the ill-will of mankind. A predator, to those who'd in turn become predators. Each of the Gods imbued their gifts in these men. One god per creature, changing, absorbing, making them more. Until, only one more gift remained. As the moon looked down on the earth, so ravaged by mans fight with time, she smiled and gave the only kindness that could suffice. Whispering to no-person in particular she gave love, "Let your heart guide you. It whispers, so listen closely." - Katarina is imbued with the darkness of the Beast, and the light of the Moon. Settled in her control as Commander of the Northern Region, she grew complacent, and revolution beckoned. Soon she is forced to fight within, and without. Distractions beckons from the corners of the region, and Katarina soon learns the benefit of trust, and delegation. Compromising with those she fought hardest to deny, Katarina fights both good and evil to re-instate peace for all.

[COMING SOON] Sneak Peak: Prologue

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by ljkastermans