RoboNomics Book II
By swilson4995
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RoboNomics Book II In RoboNomics Book I, near-future Toronto is a prosperous city much like it is today. But as robots proliferate, it slides into decay and chaos. RoboNomics Book II picks up three years after the events of Book I. Andrea Anderson, once a schoolteacher, is left to maneuver this new landscape: a politically unstable environment where factions clash, robotics are outlawed, and food is scarce. What's more, her husband has succumb to the tenacious illness that has ravaged the city. But just when she thinks she's going to lose him, a mysterious figure appears that may be the key to her past...and her future. RoboNomics is a science fiction novel with a main character as interesting and complicated as Katniss from The Hunger Games, set in near-future Toronto. With the tension and chilling technological detail of Elysium and the same introspective, nuanced take on future events as P.D. James' Children of Men, RoboNomics is sure to chill you with its near-future vision and make you think twice about automation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This was originally a Nanowrimo project from 2011, although I've done tons of work on it since then! Enjoy!

Chapter 1

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by swilson4995