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By Ciewra
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[UPDATES EVERY SUNDAY!] Nobility doesn't equal loyalty. You should know that. You've in the the Leaf for years now, a chunin at a young age and an adult as a child. You ran to the leaf in search of a home. Of a family. At what price? Your young self couldn't care less. You wanted to live. Now a ninja, your life's taken a more interesting turn. It's far from simple- it's filled with quicksand threatening to swallow you whole should you choose to fight your fate. So you stay, wherever the Hokage chooses for you. In front of the Hokage, one could swear your allegiance. They could pin their life on you never betraying the leaf. But you already have.. It's a dangerous game you're playing. But the question remains. Are you the player or their pawn? ------------------------- Copyright © Ciewra 2019 Naruto belongs to Naruto- You belong to you. ------------------------- [A/N: Hi there everyone, I'm Ciewra. So this is a Naruto story (obviously), and it's a self insert. I'm a tad new to this, so I'm sorry if I make any rookie mistakes! It'll involve a little romance, a little comedy, but will mainly focus on you changing and progressing and growing as a ninja and a person too. You'll also be presented with some choices, well if this gets popular that is XD Anyway go on in, and enjoy the story! Also in case you're wondering, "Take A Knee" is gonna the name of most of my self inserts, and the anime it's based in will be displayed after. I just like the name tbh :3 See you inside! ~Ciewra]

Prologue: 6 Years

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Take A Kn...
by Ciewra