Feeling This -Cloui...
By princessava130
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The battle to protect our home was finally over...or so we thought. I suppose it was dumb to ever think that any place was safe in the world we live in. There would always be the people who didn't deserve to still be here. The ones who lived off the backs of others, getting them killed or injured so they could survive. That used to be who I was, back when I was small and afraid, but not anymore. I am the leader of a community that used to be a boarding school, but is now whatever we want it to be. Instead of "Ericson's Boarding School for Troubled Youth", it is now "Texas Two for the Living". Our people are amazing. We work together to achieve our goals. We all love each other. Sometimes, just a little too much...

1: Keep Going

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Feeling T...
by princessava130